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Translation of 1 in Latin
The Latin translation of the word one is as follows:


The word for one or 1 represents a cardinal number that conveys "how many". Unum is the neuter form, una (feminine) and unus (masculine), there are no gender distinctions after three. Cardinal numbers are also known as "counting numbers," because they show quantity. Ordinal Numbers are like English ordinal numbers such as "first", "second" or "third". The word meaning first is primus (prima, primum).



Translation of 1


1 in Latin - Roman Numerals
Roman numerals are script letters that are used to represent numbers. The Roman numeral of 1 is the name for a number when it is written in the way the Romans used to write numbers. The Roman numeral for the first number is as follows:


If a lower value symbol is after a higher value number, it is added so VI = 6. If a lower value symbol is before a higher value number, it is subtracted so IV = 4. A number with a line over it means to multiply it by 1000.



Unum or 1 in Latin - Latin Phrases
The number 1 translates to the word Unum. A famous phrase that incorporates this word is:

"E pluribus unum"

The phrase 'E pluribus unum' means:

"Out of many, one"

This is the phrase on the Seal of the United States of America and reflects the history and heritage of the country. The meaning behind this famous motto is how one united country can be formed from the many different states, cultures, languages and religions of its immigrants.


1 in Latin

The word for 1 is "Unum"
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The word for 1, one, is "Unum"


Translation of 1


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